Board members dedicated to preserving American history and to honor all Veterans

The Board Members

Welcome you to the Town of Florida Veterans' Park.

Lest we ever forget that our friends and neighbors have given so much of themselves to preserve our way of life as a free nation.

Board Members:

Dan Wilson, Chairman
Albert Staley, Deputy Chairman 
Bill Weller, General Superintendent
Jim Yermas, Senior Military Liaison
Gary Engle, Military Liaison
Joe Inglese, Military Liaison, secretary
Rudy Horlbeck USAF Liaison
Dave Anderson Military K9 Dog Liaison
Nathan Staley Master Electrician
Richard McKean Jr Project Manager
Kim Graff Oridinance Officer

Scott Bevins

Special Thanks to:
Residents of the Town of Florida
Eric Mead  Town Supervisor, The Town Board
 and all the volunteers